Mart Nutt
Mart Nutt, 1962-2019

Mart Nutt

Mart Nutt, an historian and Doctor of Philosophy, was one of the most meritorious and experienced politicians in Estonia after restoration of independence.

As a member of the national conservative political party Pro Patria (Isamaa), he was a member of all parliament Riigikogu compositions from 1992 – this means eight terms of office in Riigikogu, where he served as a member of the Constitutional Committee and the European Union Affairs Committee and Foreign Affairs Committee.  Nutt was also a long-time member and chair of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly delegation.

Mart Nutt represented Estonia in the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance of the Council of Europe Committee ECRI (1998–2013) and UN Human Rights Council Darfur mission (2007–2008). In Estonia, Nutt belonged to several think tanks, he also participated in the President of the Republic of Estonia`s think tank (Presidendi Mõttekoda) and in the activities of Jaan Tõnisson Institute. At the Estonian Institute of Human Rights, he was one of the key people organising and conducting the annual international conferences.  As a member of Estonian UN Security Council delegation, he contributed to Estonia being elected a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council.   

Mart Nutt finished Tallinn Upper Secondary School No 10 in 1980. Then he enrolled at Tartu State University and graduated in 1985 as an historian and ethnographer. In 1988, he graduated from postgraduate studies at the same university. In 2011, Nutt defended his doctoral dissertation “Development of the competence of the Estonian parliament and its application in foreign relations“ at Tallinn University of Technology.

In 1988–1991, he was the Research Director at Estonian Open Air Museum, in 1991–1992, Head of Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in 2003–2004, Research Director at Jaan Tõnisson Institute. From 2011, he was a Member of the Council of the Estonian Institute of Human Rights. 

From 2011, Nutt was a member of the Estonian Association of Journalists and during 2012–2018, a member of the Estonian Press Council. He belonged to the Board of Trustees of the Estonian Academy of Art and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Nutt was a member of Estonian Reserve Officers` Association and the Estonian Defence League Toompea Brigade (rank of lieutenant).

Mart Nutt is the only member of Riigikogu, who has belonged to all compositions of the parliament ever since 1992. 

During 1993–1999, 2011–2012 and 2014–2015, he was a member of Tallinn City Council. 

For his contribution to the development of the Estonian nation state, democracy and Estonian security, he has been recognised with the Order of Merit of the National Coat of Arms, Fifth class (2001) and the Order of Merit of the National Coat of Arms, Second class (2018). 

In 1989, Nutt was one of the founders of the independent youth association Res Publica, the latter may be considered Estonia`s first right-wing think tank. In 1990, he founded the Republican Coalition Party (Vabariiklaste Koonderakond) with fellow sympathisers, which merged into the election coalition Pro Patria (Isamaa) with other right-wing political parties. Nutt was a member of the political party Pro Patria from its establishment. 

He has published numerous articles and publications on recent history and foreign policy and commented on foreign policy and international relations in television, radio and print media.