This seventh annual high-level human rights conference is a unique event that brings experts from various fields with diverse backgrounds and differing views together under one roof with the common objective of ensuring enduring respect for human rights values.

The conference will address a number of today’s most important topics – terrorism, technological development, security, small states in a globalising world, culture and international cooperation – through a human rights perspective.

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Does technology pose a danger to human rights?

Technological development is creating many new and beneficial opportunities, but recent years have also demonstrated that technological advances can also have a downside. The rise of populism, internet hacking, fake news, cybercrime, terrorist groups that use social media for recruitment purposes – these are but a few examples of new, 21st century threats to fundamental rights. Read more..

Europe on the brink of a fundamental rights crisis

Europe’s bureaucratic and often project-based system is having trouble meeting the new challenges of today. We have been hit with a rise in populism and terrorism, extremist movements and the popularity of isolationist policies, a migration crisis and the closing of borders. A sense of security and protection are inevitable preconditions for the guarantee of human rights, but these can only be achieved through international agreements. Read more..

Small states, indigenous peoples and human rights

Small states have a role in this world that large states do not always notice. Small states are flexible and can adapt faster to innovation and global change. This also holds true for human rights. In our rapidly changing world it is the small countries that are able to offer effective new solutions for the protection of human rights. Read more..

Are Human Rights in Freefall?

Human rights are basic values that we should carry with us at work, at home, in our personal, professional and international relations, in cyberspace, on social media and everywhere else. And yet lately, “human rights” seem to be empty words, something we speak about only in very particular contexts and which are recognised as belonging to specific groups only. Read more..