“When it comes to human rights, a state cannot limit itself to only protecting the rights of certain minorities. A state must strive to protect the human rights of all people and approach all of them in the same way. Also the rights of the majority and regular people – the right to life and safety, which are no less important than the freedom of expression, assembly or religion and socio-economic rights.“ Mart Nutt
Toomas Kuusing. Herder preaches equality to pigs. 2019, linocut.
“IDENTITY is a bridge between people and culture. Identity may change or shift, but it cannot disappear without losing your connection to culture. The fight against identity always means enforcement of some other identity.“Mart Nutt
Toomas Kuusing. Important people investigating fly feces. 2018, linocut.
“Development in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY inevitably clashes with DEMOCRACY, because democracy is not based on rationality nor facts. IT however, is based on passionless mathematics. Compared to democracy, enlightened authoritarianism and dynamic aristocracy correspond better to the information society model, because in information society, equal treatment and equality based society are a relict of the industrial society. People are not equal in their capacities, strength, character nor other characteristics. A computer (machine) understands that.“Mart Nutt
Toomas Kuusing. We killed a big fish. 2015, linocut.
“The rise of EXTREMISM is the onslaught of STUPIDITY. The main sufferers in clashes of the EXTREMES are regular people, who have nothing to do with it, not extremists themselves, who remain puppeteers behind the scenes. Generally speaking, we can say that POPULISM is anti-state. It is definitely anti-people.“Mart Nutt