Toomas Kuusing

Toomas Kuusing (born 1976 in Meremäe) began art studies in 2001 in  Academia Non Grata in Pärnu. In 2005, he graduated from Estonian Academy of Art with a BA in liberal arts. From 2001, Kuusing belongs to the artist group Non Grata and has participated in Non Grata performancesand with exhibitions in Europe, Asia and North and South America. From 2002, he has participated in joint exhibitions (graphic art and oil painting) in  Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Armenia, France, Great Britain, China, USA; Chile, South-Korea and Cuba. From 2002, Kuusing has had solo exhibitions in Estonia, Latvia, Germany, France, Great Britain, USA, Chile, Australia and South-Korea. 

Kuusing is a freelance artist from 2006. 

Works in art collections: Tartu Art Museum, Mark Rothko Art Center Daugavpils, Contemporary Graphic Art Museum Yerevan, Museo Internacional de la Grafica Santiago de Chile, China Printmaking Museum Guanlan and others.

Pärnu graphic art festival IN Graafika grand prix 2006, 2010.

City of Pärnu annual art prize 2008.

Estonian graphic artist of the year 2013.

Estonian Artists Association Spring Exhibitions audience award 2018.

More: Toomas Kuusing or Pinkseldaja Ärra and NOAR

Toomas Kuusing. Herder preaches equality to pigs. 2019, linocut.
Toomas Kuusing. Herder preaches equality to pigs. 2019, linocut.
Toomas Kuusing. Poor things freeze on treetops. 2018, linocut.
Toomas Kuusing. Important people investigating fly feces. 2018, linocut.
Toomas Kuusing. We killed a big fish. 2015, linocut.