Queen of the MountainsOn this years Human Rights Day we will show you Kyrgystan’s historical epic  Queen Of The Mountains (“Kurmanjan Datka”) for the first time in Estonia. This has been the most expensive movie production is Kyrgyzstan’s history and with its high quality doesn’t stay far behind from Hollywood’s historical movies.

Released in 2014, this spectacular epic story tells you the life of a Kyrgyz woman Kurmanjan, who after the death of her husband became the general of the tribe and lead the resistance against invasion of Russian Empire in the 19th century. As an extraordinary woman, in her personal life she fought against enforced marriage and traditional gender roles, bringing shame to her family. Despite that, thanks to her good diplomatical skills, she managed to finally unify Kyrgyz tribes and earned special conditions for her tribes region on the border of the Russian Empire. For the Kyrgyz people, Kurmanjan is a hero, for whom statues have been built and whose picture can still be found on a 50-som bill. In addition to the story of Kurmanjan we can also see breathtakingly beautiful views over the mountains and nature of Middle Asia.

The film was put up for a nominee of Best Foreign Language Film Oscar and it premiered at Montreal Film Festival. At it’s premiere in the USA in Los Angeles the movie was introduced by an Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner, actress Sharon Stone with more than kind words: „ It is a miraculously well made film. It is an epic film. It is a true story. Honestly, I can’t say enough about this film.“

Users of International Movie Database (IMDB) agree with Sharon Stone by rating the movie as high as 8,6 points out of 10.

The movie is shown by Estonian Institute of Human Rights and Unitas Foundation. It will be introduced by human rights experts from Kyrgyzstan and is free for everybody.