Hille Hanso

Hille Hanso is a freelance journalist, observer and documentary author living in Istanbul. Her main interest is the political situation in the Middle East, and in media outlets, she has analysed the behaviour of different countries in the region on the international arena. She has written a book about her life in Turkey "Minu Istanbul. Poolik ja tervik" (My Istanbul. Half and whole) published in 2014.
Hanso is an active advocate for the protection of human rights: she has participated in gender equality trainings (in Israel and India) and has conducted them in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkey. From 2018, she also works as an NGO MTÜ Eesti Pagulasabi (Estonian Refugee Assistance) coordinator in Lebanon and Jordan, managing aid projects targeted at Syrian refugees. At this year's conference, Hanso will moderate the debate "Are universal human rights even possible in different cultures?"